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What is favorite tags list?

Последние изменения: 03.09.2018

Favorite tags list

Tags, which are used in the category, are called favourite and displayed in the line above the calculator and in the top of tags list. You can form favorite tags for each category.

Favorite tags are marked with a green dot. If you want that dot to show up, you'll need to make a transaction with a tag you want to be listed as favorite. If you don't want to see that tag in your favorites list anymore, than just tap at the dot.

Changing tags list. 

You can arrange your tags in a tags list the way you'd like them to follow. Click "Edit" button in the top right corner of your tags list and switch tags position with a button at the right side of tag line. 

Tags can be replaced in one group only. That means that you can make position changes at tags with a green dot list and in a tags without dot list. Marked with a green dot tags will always be at the top of tags list.

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