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More about Financial Goals

Последние изменения: 13.12.2016

What is the limit of Goal categories?

We increased the limit on number of expense categories and Financial Goals till 10 icons for the free version of CoinKeeper. There is no limit on any categories for the premium users.

What will be with the Goals from CoinKeeper Classic?

Financial Goals from the CoinKeeper Classic will be placed in accounts area. That’s why you’ll need to transfer your goal’s history into new Financial Goal. Created in new CoinKeeper version Financial Goals won’t be displayed in Classic one.

Further development of Financial Goals

Transactions to the Financial Goals cannot be recurred now. In next updates we want to add recurring periods to such transactions, so that you won’t bother yourself with adding the same transactions over and over again.

Your saving accumulation will be also available in Statistics. It’ll help to track , how fast do you accomplish your Goal. It’ll be also possible to forecast approximate date of completing the Goal, taking into account your spade of saving up money. This way it’ll be easy to estimate, when your fulfil your dream.

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