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How to save up money?

Последние изменения: 25.02.2017

Saving up for something isn’t a picnic. It requires patience and habit of working with you goals continually. Try to put by a little money on your goal every single day. It will help you make your dream come true easily.

As you reaching the goal its outline is filling with color. On the picture below you can see that we saved up $150, while outline is 20% filled with colour.

You can transfer money to Goal from the different accounts. Your accumulations will be substracted from the balance. However both account balances will be available.

Yellow value displays how much money do you have without taking into account saved up means. Grey value shows how much money you might have if you cancel the goal and transfer all the savings into some account. For instance, if I didn’t save up for the bike, I would have $2 975 on my Credit Card.


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